Local Backup Without Encryption - Not seeing files in destination folder

Hi! I have been searching for an automated backup solution for my PC to back up to my NAS over my home network. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I have selected a folder on my PC to backup to a folder on my NAS without encryption and I am not seeing the file on the destination folder. I am seeing .dblock, .dindex and .dlist files. This would, to me, mean that Duplicati is encrypting files even though I am not asking it to. Is it possible to perform a “file to file” backup (copy/paste) through Duplicati and not see the files I’ve mentioned, but instead copy the file itself? Thanks.

Please have a look here to see how duplicati works. How the backup process works • Duplicati

Basically, what you see is not encrypted but all your files chopped in pieces, and all those pieces combined in dblocks.

If you want to sync data, you could check rsync, rclone or syncthing.


Ah yes. Thanks for this!