Local Backup, Remote Upload

Hi, just started using Duplicati, this seems like exactly what I have been looking for. Deduplicated backup, cloud upload to GDrive. Only thing I would add would be decuplicating the data from multiple machines into a single cloud archive.

I have one question though, my home internet upload is quite slow, so can I perform the initial backup to a USB HDD, then take that data and upload to GDrive from somewhere else that has a fast connection, then change the backup config to use the folder I uploaded the data to in GDrive for the subsequent incrimental backups?

Cheers in advance

Yeah Duplicati does not support deduplication between multiple machines. That is a pretty unique feature among backup products like this, and the only one I know of that does it is Duplicacy (lock-free deduplication).

That being said, you can store multiple backups from multiple machines in the same cloud storage account as long as they are stored in unique folders. Each backup job on each machine must use a unique target.

Yes, you can definitely do this. I’ve done it myself (not to GDrive but that shouldn’t matter).

Ahh, I may have just found one small issue. The permissions when authorising Google Drive only allow Duplicati to access the files it’s created or I have opened with it. If I manually upload these from somewhere else then they won’t be visible to Duplicati.

Ok, think I have it sorted now.

Need to go to https://duplicati-oauth-handler.appspot.com/ to create a Full Access auth token.

Would be nice to have both options available on the popup, even if it’s just a small bit of text so as not to confuse people who don’t understand the difference between the two large buttons, but brilliant for being able to do it at all.

Just going to do a trial on a small folder and I think I’m sorted. Got a local public WiFi that can do 500mbps up compared to my 20mbps :slight_smile:

One caveat with Full Access is that Enhancing security controls for Google Drive third-party apps is going to kill it off if Google actually does it, however they’re still not notifying developers, so I don’t know if it’s delayed. Regardless, Duplicati will have to figure out some migration plan even if it requires manually moving things…

Thanks, one to watch then! Hope they provide an alternative as I’ve just finished my testing and it worked flawlessly.

Now to think about a folder structure in Google Drive for all my backups on the train home. :smiley: