Listening Back on Cookies


I have this firefox add-on that is (supposed) to make a soundwhenever a cookie is created when you visit a Internet site:

The fact is when I open duplicati 2 (so, in a browser : localhost:8200/…) I get a tiny sound every ± 5 seconds very precisely regular without doing anything.
This is the very sole site that does this. For example, on a well known video streaming site I get a awfull big noise but only when I access a different page.
  1. I would have guessed that a localhost URL is not routed on the Internet ?
  2. Why is the cookie sound so regular and why is this happening without any action done ?

Thank you


Duplicati keeps a connection to the server (using long-polling).
My best guess is that the login/session cookie is being re-set (clearing the expiration timer), and this triggers the sound.

There is also a cookie that keeps track of what theme you are currently using, but this should not be set.

The cookie is not shared with anything else than the local server, so it does not have privacy implications.

You can use something like the developer tools to view the cookies that Duplicati (or any other site) has set. If you look at the cookies (under “storage”) you should be able to see something changing when you hear the sound.

Thanks for the tip!

I forgot to mention: this is happening only when I have a backup job running.
I see : this is the session-auth and xrsf-token cookie that are responsible.

Now I see more clearly the mechanisms of cookies in general :slight_smile: