List of files being backed up

Every time duplicati starts ~200Gb needs to be upload.
I may have added a temp folder, but I am unable to find it. Is there any way of seeing “currently files”?
I have tried to list all backed files using

duplicati-cli test-filters / --backup-name= .... [parameters form web-ui->Commandline]

But not really usefull


Is the total amount of selected source files ~200GB? Then 200GB will be processed every time the backup is made, but only new and changed data is uploaded. So after the first backup, you will see the indicator decreasing from 200GB to 0, but that’s not the amount of data that has been uploaded.

You can use the find command to pull a list of files that have been backed up. You can use the Commandline function in the Web UI to do this:

  • In the Web UI, click your backup job and click “Commandline” (under “Advanced”),
  • Choose the command “Find” in the pull-down-menu.
  • Leave the “Target-URL” textbox unchanged.
  • Delete everything in the text box.
    Replace it with * to generate a list of all backed up files and folders.
  • Remove EVERYTHING under “Advanced options”, EXCEPT the Passphrase option.

Your screen should look something like this:

  • Click the “Run find command now” button.

Files are downloaded directly from your remote storage and a list is presented containing all backed up files and folders of the latest backup.


The “duplicati-cli find …” shows only the filenames in the backup set. Is it possible to show the metainformations (size, timestamps, permissions,…) for this files?


In the current version this is not possible, but this is a useful feature, for example using a new commandline option --show-metadata.
Feel free to add a feature request at GitHub.

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