List folder content faster

Can you make any settings that speed up the list process or mass content when restoring?
I am using or Duplicate as an intermediary between my Active Directory and my storage (Debian + SAMBA).
![Untitled Diagram|690x377]
It’s more or less like this:

When you say “list folder content faster” do you mean the restore file browse dialog in Duplicati?

That’s right, listing your fingers when restoring, as you select the versions. He’s a little slow.

Ok, couple of questions - what version of Duplicati are you using? For the backup set that is slow in the restore browse dialog, how big is the local database? How many files are backed up?

Do you have --auto-vacuum enabled? If not, please try a manual vacuum operation to see if it helps.

The Local bank does not know how to see the size
–Auto-vacuum is running every 10m
These are the source data

We use a paid tool that also backs up the network the same way I set up Duplicati, it lists folders faster, of course without being compressed.

I am using these options when the backup is from Windows server
–vss-exclude-writers = {e8132975-6f93-4464-a53e-1050253ae220}
–vss-use-mapping = true

What are the specs of the computer running Duplicati? (What model CPU, etc…)

How slow it is to display the restore dialog depends a lot on how fast the Duplicati computer is, how large your database is, and how many files are being backed up.

It is a VM with:
7 GB ram
4 vCPU
Debian 10 (Buster)
1 90 GB VHD
GLAN Network Placade