Linux User & Developer Review

Issue 189 of March 2018. Duplicati comes first in a group test of 4 backup tools.

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The link redirects to and I can’t even find the article if I try. Is there a direct link that may be a little more helpful?

It looks like this magazine requires a subscription so I won’t post the article here, but I can summarize a little:

  • It compares Back in Time, Duplicati, fwbackups, and Grsync.
  • The overall scores were: Back in Time (7), Duplicati (9), fwbackups (6), Grsync (6).
  • It compares each software’s backup options, user experience, compression and encryption features, and restoration features.


Duplicity offers all the best features of its peers and excels at virtually all backup and restoration tasks. Its intuitive interface offers just the right number of options at any given point.

While the above quote does incorrectly mention “Duplicity”, the review is about Duplicati and the screenshots are from Duplicati. Probably just a typo.

Here are some more interesting quotes:

Of those we tested, Duplicati is head and shoulders above the others, both in terms of features as well as usability. The program offers all the best functions of its peers and yet doesn’t inundate its users with an unending list of buttons and toggles.

The app has very useful illustrated guides to hand-hold first-timers, and its command-line interface will help advanced users to script backups.

Ultimately, Duplicati manages to strike the right balance between form and functionality. It’s a wonderful backup tool that’s dexterous enough to suit all kinds of users and use cases, and well worth adding to your day-to-day operations.