Linux tempdir not affective

Headless backup config. I want the temp data created on my data volume where I have plenty of room rather than on my OS volume which would get maxed out and possibly crash the OS.

/etc/default/duplicati contents: DAEMON_OPTS="–webservice-interface=* --tempdir=/media/data/duplicati-temp/"

I have reloaded, restarted, etc. but the directive is not effective. Temp files are created at /tmp instead. I have granted the duplicati-temp folder same a+rwx perms as /tmp. Not sure what is the problem. Ideas?

UPDATE: I was able to set the directive through the GUI (remotely accessed). Any recommendations at this point? Should I remove the DAEMON_OPTS directive and just use the one set via the GUI?

Just to confirm, setting the tempdir in the GUI works fine for you but using the command line did not?

Personally, I’d use the GUI as that keeps most of your settings in the same place - though as this is headless I could see wanting to leave them more CLI accessible…

It looks like your post does not have the “–” (double dash) in front of the webservice-interface parameter. Can you double check the source to make sure it’s right? If not, maybe that is somehow throwing off the parameter parsing so it doesn’t even see the tempdir setting…

Either way, I wouldn’t leave them both there as it could be confusing in the future as to which is being set.

Correct. The GUI worked fine but the command line did not. I checked the etc/defaults/duplicati file again, and it does have the double dash. Not sure why it didn’t render correctly here when the other did.

It’s not a biggie for me since setting it via the web GUI works fine.

If you feel like testing, could you check if the --tempdir parameter works when passed in as part of a --parameters-file list?

Not that it will fix anything, but it could narrow down potential code sources of the problem.

I’m also hoping some other Linux users might be able to chime in as to whether or not they’ve had issues with --tempdir on the command line. If it’s working fine for others it would be nice to narrow down why it’s not working specifically for you…

From what I understand from the code, it is not supported at the moment. I’m working on implementing this feature, hopefully by the end of this week it’s done.

Hmm, I’ve been using it. And as far as I’ve seen, it seems to work. Data is written to the specified temp file on Windows & Linux systems. Yet, I’m not sure, if that’s applied to all file operations.

I’ll be more specific in my statement:

In the current version of Duplicati, in headless mode and without configuring a job in the GUI to use a custom tempdir, always the system default temporary directory is used.

I’m surprised if you claim the contrary, and only understand this if either you use some other version or you configure it jobwise.

I’m running in headless mode, and I’m not using GUI. But I’m not using environment variables, raw command-line with --parameters-file . I’m specifically using commandline option --tempdir and it works beautifully.

Kind of off-topic:

But if I’m purist, sure it isn’t working. I logged all disk activity of duplicati for last run, and when I check logs. It’s obvious that the dupl-usage-report* is still being written to default tmp. Sure, that’s a fail. But not a big one. It’s also readable by other so in some environments that could be counted information leakage. Yet I assume that usagereport is also sent as telemetry data, so… Leak or not, depends on view.

As old school purist admin, privacy, security dude, I would say whole telemetry stuff is pure cancer, on any application. If it’s not technically strictly necessary (which it practically never is), it shouldn’t happen.

Thanks for mentioning dupl-usage-report* not following --tempdir. I’ll try to duplicate it in Windows.