Limit CPU usage?

Is there a way, or will there be a way, to limit CPU usage of Duplicati? When it’s running, it uses 99% of my CPU (granted, only one thread). There needs to be a way to limit it. Also, are there plans for multithreading?

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As far as I know, Multithreading is on the wishlist, which will make Duplicati run smoother, but it’s unknown if/when it will be implemented.
As a workaround, you can use --thread-priority=idle to slow down Duplicati if another process needs processing time.

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In Windows, you can also limit duplicati to use just one CPU core.

Actually we have a working version, but it is not yet merged into any build: GitHub - duplicati/duplicati at concurrent_processing

I experimented with some CPU throttling and I have sample code for it, but it has not been merged in. I can share it with whomever wants to look at it.


the thread configuration in duplicati did not help in my case on linux. However, cuplimit helps. Just run

cpulimit -l 50 -p $(pidof Duplicati)

somewhere to limit cpu usage to 50%. You might look more into cpulimit or cpu groups as an alternative.

Is this something that can be made dynamic enough to be used as a --run-script-before item as a functional bridge until official support gets added into the codebase?

this is the way I plan it to use. So far, I launch this command from the command line manually to study the effect.

I’d love a copy of that code if you don’t mind please!

You can get it from here: