Legacy support for Backups done in 1.x.x

Hi all,

I recently re-installed Windows on my machine and started after the re-installation with Duplicati 2.
However I have some Backups done in Duplicati 1.3.4 where I need to have a look into some files. I cannot restore the files with Duplicati 2. Either with the option in the WebUI nor with the command line tools. The tool keeps saying “Not a duplicati file - Skip” when trying to index the folder where I have my backups.

I then tried to install Duplicati 1.3.4 on my PC temporarilly to just restore the few files I need but this fails. The installer says “.NET Framework 2.0 needs to be installed”. However .NET is installed on my client.

Any idea how I can recover my files? Thanks!

You must use the 1.3 client to restore the files. There is no backwards compatibility as they more or less only share the name.

Make sure it’s specifically .NET 2.0. There are notoriously many .NET versions that can be installed in parallel and the newer versions are not all backwards compatible.

I think this might be the right download link Download Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 from Official Microsoft Download Center

Thanks a lot. I forgot that some .NET Versions are not backwards compatible.
Installted .NET and Duplicati 1.3.4 and restored the needed files. Thanks again!