Latest Beta on Windows 10 preventing laptop from going to sleep?

Installed the latest Beta of Duplicati on my W10 laptop but have not automated backup tasks yet.


Soon after installing Duplicati I noticed that my laptop was not going to sleep anymore. After stopping the Duplicati system tray the system began to sleep once again.

Anybody else notice W10 sleep is not working related to Duplicati? I will re-enable duplicati system tray again in a day or so to see if the issue returns since I’ve changed a few settings in the last few days. After trying to restore power settings to advanced w/o success I read a google that stated system tray applications could prevent sleep which led me to “quit” the duplicati application as the probably culprit.


Hello @EricLEdberg and welcome to the forum!

Sleep on Windows has always been kind of hit-or-miss for me generally. It’s not an exact science.

System Sleep Criteria

As long as the system determines that there is user or application activity, it will not enter sleep.

I tried Duplicati tray icon and my PC still slept. Note that actually backing up prevents sleep, however –allow-sleep turns that feature off if you want to take the chance of a sleep during backup.