La copia de seguridad no aparece

Hello, I just configured a new backup to my onedrive, I have several already configured and when I press the “test connection” button it appears that everything is fine, the copy is made but I have nothing on the onedrive. Anyone having the same problem?

Hola, acabo de configurar una nueva copia de seguridad a mi onedrive, tengo varias configuradas ya y cuando le pulso al botón de “test conection” me aparece que todo esta bien, la copia se realiza pero en el onedrive no tengo nada. Alguien tiene el mismo problema?

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Microsoft Investigating Widespread Teams, Outlook, OneDrive Outages might be relevant, but

Test connection isn’t supposed to copy anything there. It verifies it can list destination folder.
Your topic title translates to “Backup doesn’t show up” though. For that, maybe try it again later.
If you like, you can watch About → Show log → Live → Information to see the put file uploads.