Jottacloud Error 401 (Unauthorized)

Got scared over the weekend, that my Jottacloud was hacked.
Now I know the reason, why it isn’t working anymore.
Unfortunately I still get the 401 error even so Jottacloud support says otherwise? Any suggestions?

Works for me now, no change needed on my side.

Really hope that we can get OIDC working in Duplicati, as this is the cheapest option for my 7TB of backups…

I can confirm that Duplicati is working again, but only until June.

The rclone option seems to be stable.

There are lots of things that Duplicati could/should do, and it is entirely limited by what developers help.
[s3][minio] Feature request : authentication using OpenID #4199 is an open issue also asking for OIDC.

As a community project developed by volunteers, is that an offer to help solution? You sound technical.

Jottacloud removed basic authentication, Duplicati can no longer connect #4697 is my latest deep post which points out not only the technical but also the staffing challenge. There is hope, but it needs work. Anybody who knows authentication standards, C#, Python, Google App Engine, etc. is invited to help…

As with all Duplicati things, there is more demand for things than volunteer resources to provide supply. Even people helping on the forum, testing, reading/writing manuals (all not hugely hard) would help out.

You can keep an eye on the GitHub issue, and see if anybody jumps onto this hard. Any jumpers here?

Anybody know what this part of the Jottacloud Mar 25 tweet means? Asking experienced service users. Dealing with storage providers that sound like they don’t really want us there is just asking for trouble…

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True, but not a developer, unfortunately. Subbed to both githubs, let’s what’s explored already.

I wouldn’t be really surprised if they wanted to get rid of all “personal” accounts (most of duplicati users probably) even from business (non-technical) perspective as the price for 10TB is 6x more in the “home” variant.

I’m pretty sure that the business goals connect to the technical non-support. Companies need money. Volunteer operations like Duplicati need donated services (because money is too little to hire people).

Inexpensive Cloud Storage Option has some comments on the perils of good deals for the consumer.
There’s a startup’s failure there. For a big-business failure, look at Amazon Cloud Drive discontinued.

Backblaze is an interesting business. Their personal backup client aims for high simplicity, which means an unlimited storage model. For how that flies, do a web search for “backblaze” “lives on the averages”. People who want fancy backup programs pick what they like, and pay for just what they use on B2 side.

If there is anybody out there interested in trying syncosync as an “independent from cloud vendors”, “cost sensitive”, “fire and forget” personal cloud alternative, I’d be happy to help in setting the thing up - if there is the need for help above documentation…

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That looks like it could be the perfect solution for my problem! Thanks for this project - already texted a potential “sync buddy”!

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Here is an answer from Jottacloud, what they’re going to support:

We’ll be using openID. When it comes to third-party services, such as Duplicati, they are still not officially supported.

Thank you for reporting.

Jottacloud never published an official API, but it has been reverse engineered and used in different projects, since maybe 2014. They are obviously not opposed to such use even if not officially endorsing it, e.g. based on the fact that they re-enabled legacy auth after Duplicati user’s feedback, and in the past they even encouraged it in the old forum.

Its been working in Duplicati since 2017 and in rclone since 2018, in rclone with the new authentication since end of 2019. I think there is a chance we can get a working Jottacloud backend in Dupliati using the current OpenID/OAuth based authentication (#4699 and #7). Even though we have no guarantees, I would expect that to work for years to come. Its not like Jottacloud does changes very often, see their blog for instance.

On Twitter they said that the CLI token will remain available. That token works with rclone, which in turn works with Duplicati.

Could you explain this a bit more in detail please?
I am trying to setup rclone with duplicati but Im failing.
Got rclone working from cli with Jottacloud. But I do not know how to configure Duplicati.

What I did for the local repo:

  1. Synced the Duplicati tmp folder to another tmp folder for rclone

rclone sync -i /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/Duplicati/tmp /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.tmp/rclone

  1. configured duplicati

  2. Testing the connection gives me the following error
    Failed to connect: Missing config file? 2022/04/13 21:15:25 NOTICE: Config file "/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/Duplicati/.config/rclone/rclone.conf" not found - using defaults2022/04/13 21:15:25 Failed to create file system for "Jotta:Backup": didn't find section in config file

What am I missing?

Hi FreaQ. You need to first configure rclone from the command line:

You need to create two remotes, one for Jottacloud and one for local. The local one must be local file storage, in-memory doesn’t work.

Once you have those set up, configure Duplicati like this:


Thanks. Wasn’t aware that I had to create another remote “local”. :crazy_face:
In addition I had to copy the rclone config file to the desired location on my Qnap. I’m sure there is an eaiser way, but now it works.

So I am happy until duplicati will (hopefully) get fixed.

Does the “local copy” mean, I’ve to get an extra 8TB HDD to store duplicati files, that then get backuped to Jottacloud?

It doesn’t. From what I can tell Jottacloud uses the local storage as a staging area so that it can upload one archive while preparing another, so it will never need more than 2x the maximum archive size of temporary storage.

I’m just guessing though. It doesn’t seem to fill my HDD up even when doing massive backups.


There’s no prior mention of “local copy”. Rclone “local” just refers to the local system, not specific files.

shows how an upload is done, and I think (like most uploads), upload comes from the temporary folder. Downloads are similar. The difference is that rclone does one-by-one transfers because old code can’t.

Exactly, and this isn’t just Jottacloud or Rclone, but pretty much anything. These options configure:


While you might need more than 2x Option screen 5 Remote volume size in the temporary folder, if space was enough for Jottacloud, it will most likely be fine for Rclone-as-workaround-for-Jottacloud…

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This issue is believed to be resolved after applying the following workaround. Once the PRs get merged, you won’t need any special build instructions.

Please try the following instructions and let us know if you run into any problems.

Users should perform the following steps:

  • obtain a Duplicati build containing the PR #4699
  • visit Jottacloud, log in, and click generate JottaCLI token
  • Visit, click Jottacloud Login and paste in the token previously obtained. Copy down the resultant auth id.
  • Open Duplicati and edit a backup, or create a new backup.
  • On the second page, click advanced options and add AuthID option. Paste in the AuthID you obtained previously.
  • Also add OAuth URL and make it read
  • Click test connection and if successful, click through with next and then click save.
    If you get key not found, you probably did not update the OAuth URL and it is trying to use the PROD service. If you get anything else, you should report the problem.
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Do I need to build Duplicati by myself?

Yes you do. You need the changes from PR#4699, i.e. branch albertony:jottacloud_oauth.