Job is very long (forever?) in "Waiting for upload..." when hitting hard quota on SFTP upload


I am testing Duplicati and right now i face the situation that a backup job seems hanging in state “Waiting for upload…” upon hitting a hard quota on a SFTP server during the upload phase.

Does it stop and report that at some point, or is it stuck in this state forever?

I’m running Duplicati -



Today the Job was obviously cancelled, in the still open WebGUI i had a red message on the bottom (where i could choose to view or dismiss), but i couldn’t see any problem in the logs (under view) and - what’s even more concerning to me - i didn’t get a mail for this run.

Shouldn’t i get a mail where i can see the job wasn’t finished correctly? Did i configure something wrong?



We could drop the hard quota scenario completeley as Duplicati doesn’t work well with it.


Hi @ctsde_markus, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for letting us know what you were running into with the SFTP hard quota problem. I’m a little confused about the issue though - was the hard quota something enforced at your SFTP end or something you were doing with Duplicati settings?

No matter the source, hopefully we can update the code so it doesn’t get stuck in edge cases like the hitting the space quota.