Job completes - But I cant find the files?


I’ve installed Duplicati on my Raspberry Pi and want to backup a folder to my Unraid server. My Unraid has exposed a folder via UNC-path “\\TOWER\Backup\TARS” that I want to use as destination.

I add the folder, test the connection successfully and it even performs the backup. Yet there are no files on my server.

It’s weird that I’m able to restore from the backup, so it obviously backed it up somewhere, but I can’t find it.

What am I not understanding?



Allright I found the backup at least. As suspected it got stored locally on my Pi which is not what I want. They are stored in pi@raspberrypi:/usr/lib/duplicati/\\TOWER\Backup\TARS\

Can anybode tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Welcome to the forum @Fredrick

Did you configure Duplicati destination with a UNC path? The path should be in form the OS knows.
Linux takes \\TOWER\Backup\TARS\ as a relative path of current directory, /usr/lib/duplicati/.

Yes I was, I didn’t know thats how Linux would interpret it, and honestly the documentation had me fooled.

I’ve since mounted the Samba share and can now use that mount as a destination :slight_smile:

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