Issue when moving from windows to linux

I am migrating from windows to linux
Booting from my new linux partition I mount my windows partition where are located all of my files.
Ideally I would like to backup my files both, when in Windows and when in Linux

I copied the duplicati configurations (json export/import) from my windows browser to my linux browser, changing the directories to be backed so that they point to the same ones
(e.g. from c:\users\quinta\documents to /media/stefano/users/quinta/documents)

When I run duplicati when in windows, the backups run smoothly.
When I run duplicati when in linux, I get these errors Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I guess the problem is that the filex to be backed up have two different path names, when in Windows and when in Linux. is that correct ? is there a workaround ?


That shows a list of the backup files that I assume you navigated to and opened. Were there any errors found in a popup window, or <job> --> Show log --> General, or Home --> About --> Show log --> Stored?

Did you also change the destination? Don’t even store two backups in the same folder, or they may collide.

thanks for answering.
and happy 2021 (hopefully!)

  1. that is the directory that contains the backup files that were produced buy the backup when duplicati is running under windows. I didn’t open them, I specified their directory in the duplicati configuration (duplicati running under ubuntu)

  2. each backup directory contains one and the same source directory backup. my question is precisely this: can I backup the same source directory, from windows and from linux, to the same destination backup ?

You can never put two backups in the same folder unless you set prefix to keep the backups independent.
This has nothing to do with source directories or OS. Every backup needs to know which files belong to it. Backups validate the remote backup often to verify it looks right, and complain about missing or extra files.

You can’t continue an existing backup on another OS that supports different path styles, but you can start another backup (or attempt some manual trickery to copy the old backup files to try to connect a new job).

This should work if you have a Windows backup job and a Linux backup job to different destination folders.

that’s what I was hoping.

In this case, to be able to backup both, isn’t it better to use a virtual machine maybe?

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Welcome to the forum @Raime and thanks for your inventive suggestion.

If the idea is to have e.g. a Linux VM on Windows (or Windows on Linux), it might be possible to make the pathnames identical, and of course the path separator slashes match. Both backups would have to share a single backup database and destination. Possibly Duplicati-server.sqlite should also be shared, to have correct statistics on the home screen. One could make server-datafolder (or DUPLICATI_HOME) the same.

This would be a pretty unusual configuration. Basically, dual-boot, so no simultaneous runs possible, and whichever Duplicati is available at the time does the backup. You’d probably need simultaneous upgrades because frequently Duplicati upgrade has a corresponding database upgrade. It might all work out though.