Is there any Limit for local versions in the free 2.0.8 release without using monitoring?

On the new webpage there are limits for the free version with “View 200 backups” and one year.

Are this limits for the local duplicati software or just for this new Online-Monitoring-Service that you are offering?

Eg. I have backups with up to years of history and with more than 200 versions.

Will there be any problem to access this old versions after updating from 2.0.7 to the new “commercial company” 2.0.8 release?

Hi @thommyX , the restrictions listed on the Duplicati page are only for the monitoring part. The Duplicati client is 100% open-source and has no restrictions on size, retention, etc.

If you use the free version of the portal, you will not be able to see the monitoring reports exceeding the limits, but the backups and restores are not affected in the client.

For now there is no plan for a “commercial” release of Duplicati. The v2.0.8.1 release is no different than the other releases and was made possible primarily by the support of the community. The next release (likely v2.1.01) will be the same but some changes are contributed by Duplicati Inc.

Old versions are available via the Github releases page. The old versions are also available via the update server, but here you have to manually adapt the URL of a known release to get another version of the file.

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