Is there a mobile version available for download?

The file is encrypted after uploading. I don’t need encryption. I need to view it on my mobile phone at any time

Sounds like you want a file synchronization tool. Dropbox and OneDrive are ones that come to mind. You can sync select folders from your PC and view the files on your phone.

I chose no encryption.but the existing space is . Dist file. After downloading, .Dist filecannot be decompressed and the file cannot be viewed normally. Only the client can view the file


As shown in the figure, I don’t know how to extract these files after downloading them on my mobile phone, but I choose to upload without password

Like I said, sounds like you want a file sync program.

Duplicati is a backup program and uses deduplication. The files it creates can only be restored by Duplicati itself or one of its recovery utilities.

A file sync program will keep files in native format.

“Is there a mobile version available for download?” Short answer is no. Medium is it’s not very workable.
The main feature goals conflict with direct file copy. Beyond that, there’s a database that needs to exist.


Duplicati is not:

  • A file synchronization program.
    Duplicati is a block based backup solution. Files are split up in small chunks of data (blocks), which are optionally encrypted and compressed before they are sent to the backup location. In backup location, Duplicati uploads not original files but files that contain blocks of original files and other necessary data that allows Duplicati to restore stored files to its original form by restoration process. This block based backup system allows features like file versioning and deduplication. If you need to be able to access your files directly from the backup location, you will need file synchronization software, not block based backup software like Duplicati.

Features describes what is gained by this approach, but what is lost is an easy way to easily grab any file.

Deeper, but to explain your files:
The backup process explained
How the backup process works
How the restore process works


If somehow you need old and deleted versions, a sync tool might not work, but some backups (typically commercial) have either web access or some sort of app (which possibly also talks to backup service).

21 Best Cloud Backup Services Reviewed is an example writeup, and there are probably a lot of others.