Is there a Linux CLI command to check status?

My backups run via the Web client each day at a scheduled time (destination is cloud storage). I would like to create a bash script that would test the success of that backup following an estimate of of when it should be completed.

The script would then take some action based on the success or failure of that backup.

I have pored over the CLI tools, but I can’t see anything that seems to do what I want. Is there something there I am missing?

If you mean tools such as described in Introduction to the Duplicati Command Line tool, the missing piece (actually unclear from the manual too) is that these are independent of each other and from web UI usage.

The advantage of that is you can do things independently, but you get to supply all needed options yourself. Disadvantage is that it’s hard to keep an eye on something else, though the something can report on itself.

Reporting options provide a basic feed. If you need more, add third-party tools such as Duplicati Monitoring or dupReport. I think these can tell you the success or failure, but I think they can’t do completion forecasts.

Scripting options can do that in a run-script-after. See the example scripts in your Duplicati installation or

As @ts678 mentioned, the command line tools included with Duplicati are designed to work independently from the Web UI.

If you want a command line tool that works WITH the web UI, I recommend duplicati-client.

With it you can trigger backups, list backup jobs, get information on a specific backup, and more. I don’t recall if it can return the status of a last backup though (it’s been a while since I used it).

If you just want to keep tabs on job successes/failures then the integrated email reporting or other tools that @ts678 mentioned might be better.