Is it possible to swap/rotate destination backup drives for added safety

Hi, I am new to Duplicati, moving from Crashplan. I would like to duplicate the setup I have, which is each device on local LAN backing up for a file server. Basically a windows 7 PC that has a USB SATA drive plugged in.
So each client will back up to that drive.

  1. Do I have to have a named folder for each client, or can I just use the root folder F:

  2. Can I rotate the drive, as the client is pointing to the root it will simply see a blank empty backup the next time it runs and does a complete backup.

The reason for swapping drives, is in case house burns down and or a drive dies.


Hi @exup and welcome to the forum!

I think you’d generally make new folders in advance, then point Duplicati to the right one for that client.
If for some reason you’re desperate to share a folder, use --prefix to keep backup files distinguishable.

Duplicati works very hard to avoid storing data again if it’s already stored, even slicing files into blocks.
It has a database which is a local cache of certain destination data. Discrepancies will cause problems.

What I usually hear people wanting to do is to mirror the backup elsewhere. You can search the forum.

Because yours sounds like a manual backup after a drive carry, possibly you can have a job per drive.
Once you settle on what gets backed up, you can export the job then import to change the destination.

Guarding against wrong-drive-plugged-in is an issue, but Google found some discussion and answers.

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