Is it possible to install Duplicati without X11 and GTK dependencies?

subj. Forum search shows nothing related about.
OS is Debian 11 without any GUI.

the whole Duplicati UI being web based, there is nothing particularly tied to X window.
To use the Duplicati UI you will have to launch a browser on another computer, and so to configure it to accept connections outside of localhost - and have better to enable https too.
Edit: it’s possible to work around these 2 needed changes and using Duplicati without modification by tunneling through SSH.

I don’t have one, but lots of people install on headless Linux systems, so I suggest you give it a try.
Possibly an installer will complain a bit. I think things like the TrayIcon won’t work without graphics.
That’s not an essential component. Different ways to make a Duplicati backup gives some options.

Found solution in project wiki on GitHub.

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