Is it possible to backup OneDrive files without the files stored locally?

Use case:
I backup my photos and videos to OneDrive using the OneDrive app on my phone (main account)
I want to backup my main accounts’ photos/videos to a secondary OneDrive account and a Dropbox account.
I have a home server without the OneDrive/Dropbox apps installed.

If I install Duplicati on my home server, will I be able to backup to the secondary OneDrive account and Dropbox account without having the files stored locally?

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I don’t see how Duplicati could back up files in OneDrive/Dropbox/etc that are not cached (downloaded) locally. It would need to read the actual file data.

Thanks for the fast reply.

I was hoping it would be able to do something similar to rclone. To clarify, downloading the file and uploading again file-by-file would work for me, as long as it doesn’t keep the files locally indefinitely.

rclone is basically downloading the files directly from the back end, and (in the case where the target is not a local disk) reuploads it to the destination.

Duplicati doesn’t know how to talk to anything fancy when reading the “source data” you are trying to protect. Not sure if OneDrive can be configured to recall files on access by 3rd party programs, but even if that were the case it doesn’t sound like what you want. Duplicati wouldn’t auto-delete the files afterwards.

i backup to onedrive but use the ‘free up space’ option so that the files aren’t stored locally.
when the backup runs it downloads the reference files to check them but deletes them locally when the backup is complete.
been doing this for over a year and have 657GB stored remotely.

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