Is it normal for a backup set to be completely borked after being interrupted?

Running Duplicati under unRAID as a docker container. On more than one occasion, my server has gone down unexpectedly (power outage, general lockup, etc) in the middle of a backup. Whenever this happens, future backups for that set will fail while complaining about missing files. Repairing or rebuilding the database also fails after this has happened. All I can do is completely wipe out the backup and start over from scratch.

I’ve gotten to the point where I keep two backups, one running after the other onto the same external drive for this reason alone just so I still have one backup intact while I have to scratch and rebuild the corrupt one.

Is this a known issue?

What version are you using?

I believe some improvements have been made in recent versions for interrupted backups, but those changes have not yet made their way to the beta channel.

Another question would be what type of storage destination is in use. Network-based can suffer timeouts during interruptions (but have many advantages). Several fixes are in Canary and Experimental releases.

I updated since then. I don’t remember what version was running before. However, with the latest version available in the docker repos now, I just had this happen again last night. I don’t think the server hangups are Duplicati’s fault. However, it did happen in the middle of a backup again and once again it has rendered the backup set corrupt and unusuable. Further attempts to run a backup on that set results in the error pictured below.

Repairing or rebuilding the database as the error suggests also fails. I am going to have to completely wipe the backup set and start it over again. And this is only five days after it happened the last time.

Which version are you running? There are multiple release channels, so “latest version” is a bit ambiguous.

My mistake there. Meant to put that in. A little foggy due to a head cold going around here.

Version I’m running right now is