Is duplicati-monitoring permanently down?

The last report I received on my backups from is from Thursday (Aug 18). Later backups ended with a warning that the message could not be sent due to no connection to the target (configured with option “send-http-url”). Trying to access the website with a browser also ended with an indication that the website is down.
Does anyone have a clue about the reason and if/when the website will be available again?

BTW: After I click “show” in the warning popup I end up at the page with the logs for the current job, but I didn’t find a way to get this warning displayed again. The log shows zero warnings and errors - which is correct for the “core” job.

I can`t get access to… have any idea?

Looks to be back online as of ~1 hour ago. Both of my online computers just completed a backup and successfully sent their reports to the service.

Yep - website and service is back up again.