Is Duplicati 2 multithread?

I have 4 logical processors and now D2 are backuping about 90000 files and 55 Gb. D2 uses total processor time of 25%.

So is it multithread?

As far as I understand it, there is no built-in multithreading yet – but the developers know it’s a requested feature, so maybe something is on the roadmap. Someone else will hopefully correct me if any of this is inaccurate.

That is correct. We are working on multi-threading.


Until duplicati becomes multi threaded, is just not that useful in today’s multi-terabyte environments. A single core can’t do much to dedupe, compress and upload all at the same time. Even with compression turned off duplicati struggles. Similar software runs 100x faster than duplicati. BUT if multi-threaded is done right, then duplicaty can eat every other backup software for breakfast! :smile:

Luckily multi threading just made it into the last canary so I’m sure we’ll be seeing it released for everyone in a few weeks :slight_smile:


It sounds to me like you might be a perfect test case for the multi-threaded canary release Pectojin just mentioned.

You wouldn’t happen to have any “before 2.03.6 upgrade” times already recorded and a willingness to see what your “after” times are like, would you? :wink:

For me does not perform very well concerning multi threading. It has become so worse I had to disable compression at all on my ARM core (QNAP TS-431+).
Annapurna Labs Alpine AL212 Dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU @ 1.40GHz
Most of the time it uses just 50% of available cpu and it “pauses” its activity while upload is going on. Which results in low backup speed:

On the top is the cpu speed; on the bottom the upload speed

The CPU is only used to 50%

Thanks for the feedback. We have indeed found a few issues (both in performance & elsewhere) with and for now recommend using it only if you’re interested in helping us pin down the problems.

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