Ipad OS app in the future?

Now that Apple has realized that the ipad needs a more full featured OS (due in Sept) what is the likelihood of a Duplicati implementation on that new platform?

Hi @marawuti, welcome to the forum!

While it’s unclear whether you mean an iOS app for making backups of the device or restoring from a backup made elsewhere, it’s probably not very likely at the moment.

I don’t know of any technical reason an iOS native Duplicati app could not be created so if you can developers interested in making one it could happen.

However the current Duplicati implementation relies on .NET / mono which I’m pretty sure (but not positive) is not yet supported on iOS meaning a complete rewrite would be required.

It might not need a complete rewrite, but it would take some doing (so competes against finishing current platforms, which will probably be prioritized unless some added developer shows up just to try this work).

I’ve taken the liberty of moving this to Features request category. Releases is for release announcements.

Xamarin.iOS is current .NET support, but not .NET Framework (or mono equivalent) that’s currently used.

Introducing .NET 5 might be the point where things get a lot more unified.

Net standard migration #3124 is some long-term work that might lead to Duplicati growing more portable.

.NET Standard is helping pull different implementations together, but there are details and I’m no expert…

Thanks both for getting this in the correct channel and clear presentation of the opportunities / challenges. I had just looked at Xamarin’s site, but you provided some nuance.