IP Address redirection

HI There,

Its my first time using Duplicati, I have it installed on windows 10 VM to BackUp my NAS.
it using http://localhost:8200/ how do I redirect that to the computers IP so i can access it through any other computer.

On website I saw you can run this command but how do I do that on Win 10 VM?


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It’s not a command. It’s an option on several commands. I don’t know which you use.
That would determine where to add in some options, but

Assuming that what you want is to use the VM’s local GUI to set up access from elsewhere,
Settings in Duplicati has an easier-than-options way at the top. Beware of security issues…
You seemingly trust your network and everything that may connect. If so, that’s your choice.

Wow am blind how did I not see the option there :smile:, Regarding Securtity I trust my network there is some sort of authentication on each Program / PC I use.

Thanks alot for your help

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