IOTA for donations please

Hi everyone @ Duplicati,

I’m so grateful about this software. It’s so nice to see the software relaunched with this many features.
I want to donate to the project but I can’t see any IOTA address where to send some juice to…

What are you waiting for?

Thanks a lot for making remote backups such an easy task. Thanks a lot for real.

Greetings from Buenos Aires,


There are donation links at the bottom of

Hi @elboogero, welcome to the forum!

There are a few more donation options covered on the Donations • Duplicati page, but IOTA is not yet one of them. And while it is suggested that can be used to convert to one of the currently accepted currencies, it looks like IOTA isn’t an option there either. :frowning:

(Oh, and I moved this from Support to Site Feedback - please let me know if you disagree.)