Invalid header marker - Failed to connect: SQLite error no such table: LogData


I have a new MacBook and I have an external hard disk where my backup files are located from my old MacBook. From what I can tell the Duplicati versions are the same or similar, since I only started using it last month. Every time I try to restore directly from files, I get this error:

Invalid header marker
Failed to connect: SQLite error
no such table: LogData

The new Duplicati install does not have the database from the old one, but surely this is not required? I have rebooted the laptop after installing Duplicati and it has been running for an hour, so I assume any setup maintenance is done by now.

I have verified the encryption password is correct, because purposely filling out a wrong one results in a different error. I don’t have my old laptop and Duplicati install anymore (and it shouldn’t be required, since these backups are to save me from disasters, not planned transfers)


The message is unclear. Could you try to create a database first ?
To do that, first import the job with the saved configuration json file from your older computer, before saving the new job, disable its schedule to avoid any bad surprise, then save. Possibly test the connection first. Then if connection works, click on database, only the ‘Repair’ button should be enabled - then click it. Is it successful ? it may take a long time if you data is not small (say, over 100 GB)

I have no older computer. It is gone. I only have the encrypted files on a usb disk drive. I don’t know what you mean by making a database. I made a dummy backup job to test if Duplicati works and it seems to. I just can’t restore these orphan files.

If Duplicati only works if the original source machine that created the files is still operating, the entire product is virtually useless against disaster scenarios.

I solved it, but it’s not very intuitive to say the very least.

I created a new backup job with the exact same name as the previous backup job (not sure if that matters, but I mapped my dest. folder to task name) then went to Home > my newly created job, Advanced > Database. It then started running the loading bar and finished up with some errors. I went to Restore and my old files were available after a reasonably long loading period.

I don’t know if it is intuitive, but that’s what I suggested, actually…and no, the backup name does not matter.
If you want to carry on using Duplicati, what you can (should) do is to export your job and keep the file at some safe place (and secure if you exported the passwords). That’s what I was alluding to with the ‘saved configuration’. It allows you to recreate the job on the new computer without error.