Introducing the new Duplicati website

As part of launching the new company we are hitting many milestones and having a tremendous momentum. Unlike most of the achievements, the launch of our new Duplicati website is a very visual milestone.

The original site was developed using a Github starter template, and refined with the help of contributors to communicate the core values of the project. While the values of the Duplicati Open Source project have not changed, good website design has changed a lot in 10 years.

For the new website we partnered with DesignDream and let them define how we communicate the unique values of Duplicati with a visually appealing site. With a steady hand and after many content iterations, I am proud to announce the site is live:


Great new site!
Congratulations and success in this new stage. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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Thanks for trying to keep compatibility with links to the old site. Such links appear in forum – and Duplicati.

As an example I just found that’s a little off, Beta Options screen Remote volume size help links to: but ends up at the top of page at

but the interesting thing is that I think I see a URL with the intended fragment identifier flash by during load.

I’d also note that some of the articles are also in the manual, which also underwent some redirection from to I don’t know which is preferred, or if a similar issue exists…

I see there is a slight change in the fragment name. Discourse is adding the anchor index to the end, so it would need to be:

Not sure if this can be disabled somehow.

Yes, I was also expecting the browser to strip the # fragment during redirects.

Previously, I had a redirect server that only redirected from to, and that revealed the true hostname. It is now set up with CNAME redirect so the browser shows the source hostname.

It would prefer using so we can change the docs-provider if an attractive alternative pops up.