Interview and background for Duplicati featured on Websiteplanet

Excerpt from the interview:

Most people have data that they consider valuable on their devices as well. If it’s a business, there’s obviously some monetary value to it, but data can also have a lot of emotional value. It can be your photos, letters and documents of various sorts, and everything that you’re working on digitally. If you have all of that only on your device, whether it be a computer or a mobile phone, then whenever the device gets lost, stolen, or broken, you lose all of it.

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I have been using Duplicati for several years now. It is an excellent tool and I want to thank Kenneth Skovhede for his dedication
From Galicia in Spain, chapeau!

There exists already one monitoring service. That does exactly what’s written in the article. See:

I‘m using it for for than a year now.

I‘s free and should be supported by donations.