Integrated Wake on LAN


it would be nice if some little helper like could be integrated in the core functionality.

I think WOL is some real basic core feature for Backups.
I know that it could be done over an pre execution script but, the integration of some very small utility like that one would be a real nice feature. :slight_smile:

So i can select inside the backup setting -> prepare wake on lan… enter some MAC Address and may be some timeout to wait and thats it.

Im sure there are similar comandline utilities for Linux and Mac.

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Linux runs on a huge number of incompatible CPUs. Even Mac has done CPU changes.
If this is ever done, it would be best if it could be in portable code (but it’s a bit low-level). seems to show some libraries that can be used for Wake on LAN.

As a side note, Duplicati does best when backing up local drives, and local is already on.

Remotely powering on a system seems like you’d probably next have to scan it remotely.
This can be slow, and can’t benefit from FS features like –snapshot-policy or –usn-policy
You also don’t want to error out or hang forever if the system doesn’t wake (unplugged?).

Something like a ping command (or better) can test remote, then tell Duplicati what to do:

I’m not sure how remote backup solves the problem of source computer going down mid-backup.

Hello, i was actually thinking less of waking up the client than waking up the backup target.

Usually my backup server is off / in standby.

If backups are made there every day for a few minutes and weekly for an hour, it does not have to run all the time.

This reduces electricity consumption and protects nature. :slight_smile:

I am also working on waking up my backup server (which consumes lot of energy…) only when Duplicati starts a backup job.
I’m running Duplicati as a Docker container on unraid.
I have successfully run a “run-script-before-required” - but I run into following problem:
=> there is no “etherwake” command in Duplicati-Docker
=> there ist no “ssh” command - this would have been my plan B …

How do you others wake up remote servers in a Duplicati-Docker??
Thanx a lot for your help!!

I agree. A backup software should be able to wake up a NAS.

You could install etherwake in the container.

# apt update
# apt install etherwake

I’m not sure this is the best approach as changes to containers will be wiped out when you upgrade the container. It is simple to reproduce the steps, though.