Installation on Rasbian buster

I want to install duplicati 2.0 on a raspberry pi 3b+ (with Rasbian buster lite).

I follow the instructions under as described under Raspbian 9. Because I use Rasbian Buster, I changed the word “debian” to “buster”.

But this doesn’t work, if I use something like sudo systemctl enable duplicati.service, there is the following error message: Failed to enable unit: Unit file duplicati.service does not exist.

Yes, I think, I didn’t install duplicati. But how to install, it’s not described under
How can I install the .deb file which is given on the download site?

If you need some more information, please write it :slight_smile:

After downloading the latest .deb file and copying it to the Pi I execute e.g.

sudo apt install ./duplicati_2.0.5.107-1_all.deb

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Oh yes, thank you, I’m a very beginner. I forgot the ./