Install Duplicati with Remote Access Enabled

Hey guys.

I have a Centos 8 server and an Ubuntu Server.
All of them don’t have GUI, just the basic system via shell.

Can you help me install Duplicatti on these servers with remote access enabled?

Because these servers are in the Datacenter and I have no way to access the Duplicati panel on the Datacenter’s local network.


I have experience with non-GUI Linux, at least with Debian and its derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint, etc). After installing the deb package for duplicati, edit the /etc/default/duplicati file to enable remote access support:


Then enable the systemd service:

# systemctl enable duplicati

and start it:

# systemctl start duplicati

You should now have access to the web interface at http://server-ip:8200. Hopefully this is on a secure network – it’s not recommended that you expose this to the public internet. You may also want to configure a password for the web UI (on the main Duplicati web UI settings page).

Hope this helps!