Incremental backups and small dblock files

Have used for several years for some archival data (pictures) on GDrive. Now using more broadly and with incremental backups seeing several small dblock files with the backups performed 3-4x daily on outlook .pst files etc.

I can foresee over a year or two having thousands of these files? Or once these files could accumulate to be a full dblock (150MB in this config) would they “roll up” into a full size block?


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Yes, Duplicati will attempt to repackage smaller dblocks into fewer, larger dblocks. There is some algorithm to decide when to do this.

This operation is called Compaction and you can read more here. Make sure you haven’t disabled this feature with the no-auto-compact option, although if you have you can still run it manually from the GUI or command line.

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Thanks for the reply - appreciate it!