Importing config file mixes up fields

This is the configuration I’m exporting to a json file:
2020-08-12 14_22_41-Photos

And upon importing back, you can see that fields are mixed up:
2020-08-12 14_17_57-PCTE24125 - Duplicati

Actual JSON file content:

Using Duplicati -
To export I click on the backup job and Configuration/Export/To file
To import I click Add Backup/Import from file

My guess is that the @ in the username is parsed.

When I tested, it behaved only without the @ in username. I’d have asked you to file an issue, but I see
Parsing a .json configuration for WebDAV does not work #3619 which was closed as not reproducible.

Looking at it further, I think the difference is that the export without password export selected leaves @.
Looking at the TargetURL, this looks like how you ran. Does yours run OK if you export the password?

Yes, if “export passwords” is selected, @ is replaced with %40 in the JSON file and import works as expected.

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