Importing backup configuration. Import metadata? Save immediately?

I want to import backup configuration. In the import window there are two options: Import metadata, Save immediately.


What these two options do and when I should check them?

The skip metadata checkbox will avoid importing metadata such as when the backup was last run or how many restore points are available.

If you’re copying the configuration into a new backup job you’ll want to import without metadata.

The save immediately checkbox will create the backup job as soon as you click import. Without it you’ll be able to edit the job before creating it.


Which ones you should check may depend on what you’re trying to do. If you’re importing an export from awhile ago, the metadata is probably too old to be helpful. If all you wanted is the configuration, then that’s the default.

Unusual goals like trying to move a backup to a different computer while keeping the destination intact might be done with an export, move, import back in, and retire the other backup. While that seems rare, the more urgent point within it is that you should at least edit the destination so you don’t have two jobs on the same destination. Probably it’s fewer keystrokes and clicks to just take the default, and let the edit sequence bring up the screens.

Of course, if the goal is to base a new backup on an old one plus changes, omit metadata then edit config a lot. Using Settings on the main screen is another way to have common options, if that suits what you’re trying to do.

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