Icedrive for backup - folder missing problem

I am using Duplicati for 1-2 years in different backup locations. Use digitalocean then wasabi and for last 5 months this icedrive.

It works through WebDAV setting and there was no problem but since once month I am not able to connect, is there any solution.

Posting screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot authentication, server, everything fine but no connection with folder, I tried slash, backslash before the folder name, ask to create a folder but failed.

If you didn’t change anything, perhaps Icedrive did. Could you ask?

Thank you @ts678 i believe this is because Icedrive has planned to discontinue webdav but it seems not everything working at present also. I am able to move my duplicati backup files out of icedrive to googledrive. I used RCLONE program to move my files, its a really good program.