I need help figuring out what remote backup size to choose for my backup on Imac

I’m on the step of my backup where I need to decide the remote backup size?? I’m not sure what option to choose?? I’m using an Imac and backing up to an external hardrive??

There’s no such step that I know of, and no specific need to decide. Did you mean


Did you read the page? If so, do you have specific questions? It depends on usage.

Yes this is what I’m talking about it says remote volume size and then I have to select I’m not sure what to select here I’m trying to do a complete backup of my imac w/ duplicati instead of using time machine because there are some issues w/ my mac and I may have to do a complete reset so I want a backup of everything??

It’s not critical as long as you don’t change it to something absurdly different than default 50 MB. Manual explains why you might want to change it somewhat, depending on your circumstances.

I don’t have a Mac, but Erase your Mac and reset it to factory settings (Apple) suggests Time Machine for your backup. I don’t know how complete that is. Is the issue that you want more?

Note that if you have a broken system, that’s an entirely different situation for either backup…

Any idea what that is in terms of file count and total size? Do you know where things are kept?

Generally one wants to backup one’s own data rather than the OS, which is easy to just install.

Does TimeMachine Back-up Everything? might be relevant talk in terms of getting system back.

If you can spare the space, having multiple backups might be a reasonable idea, but I’d assume Time Machine is very much designed for macOS usage, while Duplicati is for multiple platforms.

No I don’t need more im just not sure how much it would take to backup everything im very new to all of this and its very frustrating I was told by apple that I may need to reset it and I just want to have everything backed up in case I need to I’ve read articles that you can use other software for your backup and would prefer to backup using duplicati over time machine if possible are there any mac users on here?

I’m not looking for anything special just a basic backup of everything I don’t know what tht would be in terms of total size and file count or even how to determine that thats why I am asking questions…