Hyper-V backup and restore

Hello, my english is not very good.
I have a question: I would like to create a Hyper-V backup. If I do that now, the * .vhdx files will be backed up.
I don’t want to restore the entire file, but rather individual files that are in the Hyper-V.
What do I have to set in Duplicati 2 so that I can see the files in the * .vhdx file?

Kind regards, Andi

Restoring files from within a VHDX file is not possible with Duplicati.
If you want to be able to restore individual files from a virtual machine, you can install Duplicati in the VM and select the files and folders you want to protect. However, as a result you won’t be able to do a system restore. Also your Hyper-V configuration files will not be backed up.