Huge problem with Verifying Backend Data

Hey everyone, i have a big problem with duplicati. I run approximately 150 different tasks in different computers. It’s a really simple backup, with 1 or 2 files each, not larger than 1gb (usually really smaller, like 50 or 100mb).
My problem is, a lot of this backups just stop out of nowhere. When i check the reason, most of them are stuck in the Verifying Backend Data step. And they stay this way, unless i restart Duplicati. I’ve already waited for even a week, and it just keep stuck.
I use free MEGA accounts for storage, so it happens in different accounts.
Am i doing something wrong? Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks.

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Having a similar issue when trying to backup a folder that is 40.1MB (rather small). I have included the live log content below. On attempting to stop the process, the same thing happens. I think I could watch a dinosaur egg hatch, grow and feed on my old bones by the time it finishes :smiley: I have to terminate the application to start over.
Trying to see if there is a possible work around. I will be sure to let you know should I find anything.

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You could try using the Rclone Storage Type using Mega in the rclone configuration, but
Using MEGAcmd instead of the current way? shows that they don’t like third-party tools.
You can see the same sort of response on the rclone forum, for example here and here.

If you want to try that, please let us know if it works (it will probably have limited features).

You could also see if the list command is reliably broken. Solid errors are easier to fix…
Is this a free account? They have more quota issues, and I’m not sure what quota breaks.

You can run a Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe list in a script loop, using URL
obtained from Export As Command-line, to see whether that can keep running for awhile.

I’m pretty sure there’s a list there, but it would help if you can watch About → Show log → Live → Retry which perhaps will show failures like the screenshot above. It might show something else, but need data.

What OS is everyone on, and are either of you technical enough to try some lower-level network looking?
The screenshot stack trace looks like perhaps MEGA closed the TCP connection that Duplicati was on…

It doesn’t look like there are any open issues on this in Duplicati Issues. MegaAPIClient has its own Issues tracker (and I couldn’t find this sort of issue). So actual fix may need reproducible steps plus developers…

There are too few Duplicati developers (any volunteers?), so the more upfront work, the better it may go…

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I used Mega for some of my Duplicati backups for about a year now. It workd fine until I updated my Duplicati to about six weeks ago, and at that point all Mega backups started failing with the endless “verifying data” message. The jobs already existed, but when I go in and tested the credentials for the storage, it will hang 3 to 10 minutes, and eventually pass! Data uploads from the browser are quite fast, and Duplicati works quickly with S3, so it seems to be the code for accessing Mega. I see nothing specific in the logs, but if you want me to test anything let me know. Is it coincidental that this problem started when I updated? Was the code for Mega changed in this version?