Huge backup being stored

I have been running a backup daily since Feb of 2022 onto a secondary drive. I just checked today and see that I have 10,388 files using 249 GB with files going back to Feb of 2022. They are all files and files.

This doesn’t seem right. Can someone point me to simple instructions to clean this up?


First: DO NOT EVER delete files on the backend (well, unless you want to get rid of your backup)

A possible reason for you being suprised by the amount of data on your backend could be that you have never set a retention policy, keeping all data without limit, and then you could have from time to time copied temporary data on your system and then deleted it, but not so fast that it is not backed up by Duplicati.
If this is the case, setting a retention policy would eventually clean excess data.

Your number of versions for your backup is on the home screen information section for the backup.
There should be the same number of dlist files. Retention is on Options screen. Manual has info.

I don’t know backup source size, but if you wonder why some old files persist, you can look at these:

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