HTML email templates

I’ve been reading a bunch of posts and there are some solutions like dupreport to send a pretty mail report (dupreport and duplicati monitoring)… but, it would be perfect if an html template file path could be provided so that it could be rendered by duplicati before sendind the email report.
Something similar to the current plain template file path that we can already pass to the ‘send-mail-body’ parameter. but, besides, with full variable substitution, even for the %result% data (deletedfiles,deletedfolders,sizes, times and so on…)

Maybe with the help of nuget packages like Nustache, Handlebars?:

Moreover, it could be awesome to imitate the CrashPlan strategy and. apart of the html template, simply set a mail scheduling (ex: 1 a day, 1 a week…) , take data of the logs (of the last day, week or whatever scheduled for the mail report) and populate the html template provided with that data for the jobs ran on that window frame.

This way, we have all the stuff inside Duplicati and on premises (opposite to dupreport or duplicati-monitoring)

I know that this is only a ‘would like feature’, not a must, but it is very important for everyone to check the backup status. The first place where you can realize that something is going wrong is looking a pretty and structured email report.