How to work out what Duplicati's doing during a backup?

Yesterday I thought I successfully restored and repaired a 5GB database for an existing 1.4TB backup to B2 after the traditional Synology-wiped-all-my-files-on-an-“upgrade” experience. Duplicati seemed happy after the repair, but today my nightly backup is still running several hours after it usually finishes, and progress is at a fraction of a percent, implying that it’s started seeding the backup from scratch again and I’ll be looking at another two weeks of uploading — into a bucket that already has 99% of the files in it.

That said, the upload speed reported on Duplicati’s progress bar (100KBps) appears to be a fraction of my upload bandwidth, and my modem’s graphs suggest that there’s not a whole lot of uploading going on.

What behaviour should I be expecting, and is there any way I can make sense of what Duplicati is up to using its logs?

It’s not obvious to me how to list bucket contents by modification time in B2, so I can’t see whether Duplicati really is re-seeding everything…

UPDATE: hah, in the five minutes it took to write that progress jumped from 0.1% to around 5% and now seems to be moving faster. In the live logs in verbose it does appear to be registering lots of files as unchanged. So if things continue and wrap up ok, then I guess this should stand as a warning to others repairing large pre-existing backups:

  • The first run after a repair of a large pre-existing backup may spend a very long time (in my case seven hours) with no progress.

I experienced the same.

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[Confirmed: seems to have completed now, having taken maybe twice as long as usual.]

Keep an eye out for the next backup to be sure…

For future reference, if you go to the main menu About page then select the “System info” button and scroll down you should find a “Server state properties” section.

That section will update with the most recent commands similar to what can be found in the Profiling log.

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