How to use purge

Here is my situation. I am backing up Folders A, B and C. After many backups I am making major changes to Folder A. The majority of the files get deleted, some files stay the same, some files are new or different.

So may local total backup selection size is now much smaller and I like to remove all those deleted files from Folder A from my Remote Backup. I thought I could us the Purge command and just Purge the whole Folder A from my remote backup. The next regular backup would then re-create a new and smaller backup of my Folder A.

Is Purge the right command to use?
I used the command line interface from the Web GUI.
In my case Purge failed with an Error 100 due to a large number of orphaned files found.

Have you tried the steps shown here yet?

Try posting the actual error message & logs - it’s possible there’s an underlying issue that’s keeping the purge from being able to complete.