[How-To] Use duplicati to backup Windows to Synology NAS using WebDAV

on the NAS:

  • install and run WebDAV Server
  • run http and https services
  • create a new shared folder. exapmle “Backup-WebDAV”
  • in that folder create folders if you want. I use “workfiles” and “privatefiles”
  • chose which user to use or create a new user
  • grant that user read/write permissions for shared folder

in Duplicati in destination settings:

  • most frustrating is the destination path. I found only this syntax working: Backup-WebDAV/workfiles/ and Backup-WebDAV/privatefiles/. For me it only works with / not \ (!) and only with no / at the start an one / at the end (!)
  • srsly: tripple check this. run tests with a backup of very small amound of files. trust me. The “test connection” and the first part of the backup will work with any path syntax (\ if you want etc). but at the end of the backup you get cryptic database error messages, even though the files were successfully created in the destination.
  • in advanced options add “accept-any-ssl-certificate”
  • user user and passwort from the NAS user you gave the needed rights

rest should be self exlainatory

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