How to use Duplicati to backup other machines in same network

I am just learning about Duplicati, and I have two questions.

Do I have to launch Duplicati as root to backup directories outside of my home directory (such as /etc)?

I have several headless servers on a LAN. Can I use Duplicati on the one server that has a monitor to control/setup the backups of the other servers to BackBlaze B2? I use ssh to connect to the headless servers. Is there a how to for this setup?


yes. Note that Duplicati is not a system restore tool, so you will have to install the computer without Duplicati, then use Duplicati to restore files.

Duplicati is not an alternative to Veeam, it’s aim is to backup the computer where it’s installed. You can use it to backup data on other computers, but it has to be accessible as a file system. Using sshfs or nfs or samba could be ways to do that, but it’s not specifically supported so YMMV.

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Is the “same network” trusted enough to just point web browser to headless server Duplicati install?
If not, ssh can tunnel from the system with monitor to the system without, and come in on localhost.
Coming in directly might need some firewall change, and you might need webservice-interface=any.

Remote access to headless ubuntu install was a recent example that needed some firewall tweaks.
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