How to transfer a job configuration to a different host?

I have the practical problem that my Laptop needs to be rebuilt but the Duplicati job to backup most of its data is/was residing ion the very same machine.
With a simpler backup tool (wrt deduplication) like PureSync I could access the backed up data with any browser to restore bits from it.
With Duplicati I need - as I understand it - the exact job + local database (+ more…?) to run it and then access the files that Duplicati extracts for me.
Is there a way to copy or move a job to a different machine (Desktop) so that I can restore data from a remote repository? If so, which data/files do I need to copy? It is clear that the target location can not be the original one, because this was on the other machine (Laptop).

Check out this great write-up another user made:

Make sure you disable backup schedule on your original machine. You don’t want the back end being modified while you’re trying to restore. After your data is on the new computer, enable backup schedule on the new machine.

Good luck!