How to setup duplicati with docker that the contaier have access to host container?

I am using long time duplicato wioth docker image.Runs perfect.

However I have a GitLAb docker container. How is it posible that my docker conatiner have acces to the GitLab container?

What I want is that duplicat can run the GitLab backup command
docker exec -t gitlab gitlab-backup create

I think there are some challenges here.

First, the docker executable and related commands are not present within the standard Duplicati container. If they were (if you put them there), then you’d have to map the docker engine socket from the host to the Duplicati container so that the Duplicati docker container docker command would work as if it was being run on the host.

This seems a bit messy. I wouldn’t advise modifying a docker container because every time you update to a new version you’d have to repeat your customizations.

Maybe a simpler solution is to just schedule the host to run the commands on a schedule similar to your Duplicati backup schedule?

Thanks for info. However to get the host Docker system in a container is no problem already works. But how can I get a Duplicati with Docker Container?

Maybe with Docker compose ?

That’s beyond my knowledge of docker containers - maybe someone else has some advice…