How to set up with with Wasabi?

I’m trying to set up a remote backup to Wasabi. If there are some comprehensive step by step instructions on how to do this from start to finish, I’m sorry but I could not find them. Everything I could find just seems to assume you already have the buckets and user accounts already set up (including both on the Wasabi and Duplicati sites). This was the bit I am struggling with because the UI stuff in Duplicati is mostly self-explanatory.

What I have done:

  • I have a wasabi account with a user specifically crated for using with duplicati.
  • Created a bucket with a folder specifically for use with duplicati
  • I have given that user full access to that folder
  • created a folder inside that folder specifically for the backup set I am currently creating
  • I have created the access ID and Key for that user
  • I have no idea if I need an API key (I can’t see anywhere in duplicati to put that) so that user was created with console access (since it’s the only other option and you have to select one)
  • I have also done a lot of web searches and all of them seem to assume you the user account for the backup is already all set up and good to go but no information on what the settings should be for that.

What I am trying to do now, at the backup destination screen:

  • Selected S3 Compatible
  • Use SSL didn’t seem to make any difference? I’m not sure if I would need my own certificate or if it’s using wasabi’s, it is unchecked by default
  • I set the server to Wasabi Hot Storage
  • I set the relevant bucket name and region
  • Folder path is set to duplicati/diary/
  • Access ID and Key is for the duplicati user
  • client library is left at the default of Amazon AWS

When I click ‘Test Connection’ nothing happens, except a status bar message indication a call to the local duplicati server

I have tried various combinations of SSL on/off, client library (Amazon or Minio) and whether the folder path should include initial and/or final slash, or whether it should be the full path or just the path inside the home folder for the backup user.

In all cases test connection just doesn’t provide any feedback at all.

Years ago I used Wasabi with rclone and a fairly simple batch file for my backups so it’s not my first time dealing with S3 style storage, but it has been awhile. I don’t remember it being this difficult.

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You are on the Internet, you have to set SSL. No need for your certificate, with SSL the default is to authenticate the server , not the client, and the server always provides its certificate.

the values configured for Duplicati mostly make sense for AWS. Not sure about Wasabi. Maybe keeping the default for region could be worth a try.

Try to keep empty for the initial setup.

I don’t think there is any other possibility.

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Wasabi seems to produce pretty decent documentation. Did you see the information seen below?

3—Creating a User Account and Access Key

By enabling programmatic access, the user gets an access key and secret key at the end of the procedure to create a user. The access key and secret key are used to access the two resources (IAM and Storage, based on the policies assigned to the user) via means other than the Wasabi Console (such as AWS CLI, CloudBerry, Cyberduck, or any other S3 application).

It says you can select both (just going by docs…), and it sounds like Duplicati needs “Programmatic”.

Later on, it talks about “Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key”, similar to username and password.

How do I use Duplicati with Wasabi? doesn’t explain what to put where, but does cover region issues.

Connection to Wasabi (Duplicati How-To category) explains the mapping of Wasabi’s terms into fields.

I don’t know why Test connection is doing a “nothing happens”, so there might be other problems…

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FWIW I never got it working. One reason I had for switching away from ARQ was that it’s error reporting was insufficient to diagnose issues so it did not bode well for duplicati which apparently doesn’t provide any information at all.

I have been using Duplicati for local backups but have had a lot of issues with it, enough that I started to look elsewhere.

This morning I set up Duplicacy and it took about 5 minutes to get it working with Wasabi. The one error I had in the configuration was met with a helpful error message.

So no, the instructions here and on the Wasabi site for setting this up are either incomplete or incorrect or both and despite tinkering with it in my spare time I was never able to get it to connect or give me any feedback as to what was going wrong.

So thanks responding but I’ll be move on.

Is this an error that might have affected all the programs? Whatever it was, it was a really quick fix.
If potentially applicable to Duplicati, feel free to share so that the next person gets an easier setup.

I don’t personally use Wasabi, but Wasabi does need some tailoring depending on which you use:

What are the service URLs for Wasabi’s different storage regions?

There are some S3-subset providers whose subset needs workaround settings (or just won’t work), however I’m not aware of Wasabi being one of them. I’m pretty sure some folks here use Wasabi…

It may be possible that next version of Duplicati could provide more help thanks to this change.

Also for S3 specifically, one of the more complex setups, I had toyed with Minio 5 and doing so seen that it was possible to enable http trace (on the console). I’m not yet decided to upgrade Minio so much, but http tracing is not a new feature and it could be enabled with the current Duplicati Minio version.