How to see which folders had the biggest impact on duplicati

I am trying to optimise my duplicati installation by figuring out which folders get changed often and end up contributing to the long backup time.

I have set Duplicati to output a log file when running: --log-file=C:\Users\User\no_backup\duplicati_9360.log --log-file-log-level=Profiling but that results in a 600MB file that is a bit hard to go through.

Is there a way to see a list of all the files that duplicati recorded as being “changed” and therefore requiring upload?

Hello and welcome!

The COMPARE command should do what you want. It can show a list of all new/changed files. Here’s a thread that goes into a deeper discussion: Backup detailed summary / file list

Note that due to deduplication, changed files do not necessarily result in large amounts of data needing to be uploaded.

Great, thanks for that! Never noticed the command when searching around

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